Our projects are located in the commercial city of Lagos, ancient city of Kano and the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja.

Monument Development has also established strategic alliances with local and foreign partners in order to bring the much-needed afforadable housing and good quality commercial spaces to the populace.

Al Waha (Kano, Nigeria)

The Al Waha Development is a gated community set out on 3 hectares of land located in Bompai, Kano City. There are 30 units of 5 bedroom homes, with infrastructure and communal facilities. The homes are deisgned with modern and traditional families in mind, with contemporary styles and practical layouts.

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DT Close (Kano, Nigeria)

This stylish building has 8 units of 2 ensuite bedroom apartments, all with views of the swimming pool and plenty of space of recreation. It is located in a secluded close in the GRA residential part of Kano City. Designs by AAAG.

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Beach House (Lagos, Nigeria)

A cutting edge design for a family beach house on the white sands of Lagos beaches. The design exploited the narrowness of the sand bar where the house was to be built, given it views of both sea (in the South) and lagoon (in the North). Designs by AAAG.

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Osborne I Concept (Lagos, Nigeria)

The initial Osborne Project was designed with 8 family homes, within a small gated community. Natural light and ventilation were a priority in the design brief of the concept. Designs by ECAD Architects.

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Osborne II Concept (Lagos, Nigeria)

The brief for this project was for a 12 ultra-high end apartments, positioned by the waterfront along the Lagos Lagoon. The use of glass facades ensured great views of the Lagoon and 3rd mainland bridge at a distance, from all apartments. Designs by ACCL.

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Project 29 – London

This unique opportunity to refurbish a 2500sqft central London apartment from its dated look into a modern abode was an extremely successful project

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Our strategy at MDC is to drive development in the Real Estate sector through proprietary developments, strategic alliances with local and foreign partners and investments in third party projects.